2. 1st attempt at poaching eggs


  3. Okinawa


  4. Maiko


  5. Taiwan



  7. Generational gap + Poor Mandarin skills = Awkward (but funny) dinner conversations with grandpa 


  8. Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs
    [Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

    plays: 121


  9. I don’t always eat salads, but when I do, I try to at least make it enjoyable.
    Stay hungry, my friends.


  10. Inspired by the conversation we had last night.
    …he kinda clashes with my room doesn’t he.. lol :P 


  11. Grace’s Bridal shower



  13. I love taking pictures of strangers.
    I am the ultimate creep. 


  14. It’s official..
    I’m in love with San Francisco 


  15. Trial & error :|
    Now what to do with them..?